Montclair Lions "Winter Classic" charitable organisation Texas Hold-em tournament

The postponed 2020 "Winter Classic" charitable organization Texas Hold-em tournament, sponsored by the Montclair Elephants club, WILL be played. Create your bank account on the web, at no additional charge or fees, at StockPokerOnline. com., event 1083600. Leading prize is an Eight-night Autumn color cruise with regard to Two upon Royal Caribbean cruise line wind-surfing by Baltimore in October 2021, in an ocean see cabin. The 2020 treasure pool has exceeded $14, 000. Your $60 charité obtains a $15, 500 chip stack. One re-buy is allowed on the honor system. Select 무료온라인포커 via a new Zoom function for typically the top 40 finishers. Password/Pin can be obtained by simply setting up a donation through our own PayPal link found on Montclairlions. org or perhaps by way of calling Lion Jeff Nielson (703) 678-5516

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